• Epoxy Floor Coating

     concrete Floor  seemingly made more durable.

    Easy to clean and maintain.

    Free of dust and debris.

    Aesthitics, with high gloss shine

    Prevents dust generation in floor.

    Designation of work areas and traffic zones.

  • Dr Fixit terrace water proofing

    Dr Fixit New coat terrace water proofing system comprises of one primer and three top coats incorporated with fibre mesh constituting 1m.m thickness. life expectency is more than 7 years

  • Dr Fixit terrace water proof cum cool coating

    Dual Benefits- Provide energy saving & water proofing

    Seamless coating that is foot trafficable.

    High Tensile strength & elongation at 450% 

    Green Label Certified Product.All Weather & UV resistant.

  • Terrace cool tiles

    KAG has now introduced terrace cool roofing tiles with excellent quality, anti skid texture, ceramic finish for long durabilty. For Permanent asethetics,heat resistance, easy maintenance KAG roofing tiles is the best solution.

Dr. Fixit Products

Dr Fixit DampGuard

Dr Fixit Damp Guard is water based epoxy coating for the internal ceilings, walls and water tanks. The dampness in internal walls can be over comed by just applying two coats of damp guard as per presentation given in you tube channel- Dr Fixit Damp Guard.

Three coats of damp guard in internal wall of water tank will serve the purpose of both water proof cum hygienic coating. Note ; the water outlet pipes tobe repacked with Dr Fixit Pidicrete URP Mortar

Dr Fixit Crack X Paste


Dr Fixit Crack x Paste consists of high quality weather durable acrylic emulsion polymer, properly selected grade fillers, light fast pigments & additives. it\\\'s packed as single component, ready to use flexiblec putty for filling the gaps in plastered surfaces.

Areas Of Application:

Internal and external plastered wall cracks up to 5m.m. width.


  • Consistency - paste form, without sagging.
  • Easy application - Just apply with puty blade similar to conventional putties.
  • Flexibility - Accomodates minor movement of cracks.
  • Bonding - Excellent Adhesion


Dr Fixit Pidiproof Lw+

Liquid integral water proofing compound for concrete & plaster

Reduces dampness by improving water proofing.

Prevents honey combing

prevents rebound loss

No seperation cracks in plaster

Dr Fixit Powercrete

An Acrylic polymer based economical elastomeric water proofing system for Protecting concrete & masonry surfaces.

Areas of application:

Concrete structures like sunken portion, toilets, balcony, basement, Chajjahs, terace, housing and commercial buildings.


  • A tough , hard wearing, breathable water proofing system for residential, industrial, and commercial buildings.
  • Can be applied in uniform thickness to horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • High uv stable.
  • Economical system.
  • Excellent bonding to most building materials.
  • Can be used with fibre mesh for more durability.


Dr Fixit New Coat Ezee

 Dr Fixit New Coat Ezee is Terrace water proof Coating system exclusively desighned for terrace application. Suitable for terrace below 2000 sqft. Flim Coating thickness is 600 micron.

 Being white in colour, Dr Fixit New Coat Ezee deciphitates hest radiation also and SRI value is 90 which is above 75 prescribed in LEC norms.



Dr Fixit New Coat


         Dr Fixit New Coat is a 3 coat system that can easily be applied using a brush or roller to form a thick flexible coating to waterproof the terrace for years to come. Highly suitable for terrace above 2000 sqft. and we are the Best Water proofing Contractors In Chennai.

           No need to break terrace for water proofing

  • Easy to apply over existing cementitioussurfaces
  • Just apply 3 coats by brush or roller easily
  • Brigges cracks up to 2 mm wide
  • Highly durable
  • No extra screeding required for foot traffic
  • Non toxic, lead free coating
Dr Fixit Repellin WR

Areas of application:

Water repellent coating for brick, concrete surfaces, Manglore tiles, Natural and artificial stones.

Features and Benefits:

Ease of application: Ready to use simply brushable or spray applied.

Staining - Clear Coating doesnot stainthe treated surface.

Appearance - Does not change the apearanceoof exterior decorativecoating.

Vapour transmission - Prevents entry of moisture in to the wallbut allow moisture to evaporative out.

Efflorescence - Prevents efflorensence.

Economical - Cost effective.

Penetration - Dueto low viscosity penetration is high, which provides the hydropho zone.

Dr Fixit New Coat Coool

India\'s First and only Heat Insulating Water Proof Coating


Reduces surface temperature upto 8 degree celcius

Resists water seepage

Foot Trafficable.

Dual benefits - provides energy saving & water proofing

Green label certified product.


Dr Fixit Raincoat

Dr Fixit Rain Coat is a Elastomeric Water Proof Coating, Combines the flim forming Raincoat on top of primeseal

Area of Application

All types of exterior masonry surfaces, concrete, cement sand renderings, etc.,

Applicable on asbestos  sheets.

Features & Benefits

Waterproofing - Provides excelent water proofing with twice the thickness of normal paint

Flexibility - Flexible and covers hailine cracks (up to 0.5 mm)

Toughness - Tough film withstands wind driven rain

Elastomeric - High Elasticity easily withstands stress caused by thermal expansion & construction.

Ready to use - No dilution is required

Resistant to afungus nd algae - Mintains the aesthetic looks

UV resistant - Resistance to UV

Breathability - Permeable to water vapour

Ease of application - User friendly, easily applicable by brush, roller aor spray.

Non toxic - It is Eco friendly

Reliiable system - Accompanied with Dr.Fixit Primeseal primer.

Dr Fixit Pidifin 2K

Dr Fixit Pidifin 2K is acrylic cementitious water proof coating for all wet areas

Flexible coating that resists water ingress

Strong adhesion to sunken slabs & masonary surfaces

Coating thickness 1m.m.

Bridges cracks up to 2m.m.


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