• Epoxy Floor Coating

     concrete Floor  seemingly made more durable.

    Easy to clean and maintain.

    Free of dust and debris.

    Aesthitics, with high gloss shine

    Prevents dust generation in floor.

    Designation of work areas and traffic zones.

  • Dr Fixit terrace water proofing

    Dr Fixit New coat terrace water proofing system comprises of one primer and three top coats incorporated with fibre mesh constituting 1m.m thickness. life expectency is more than 7 years

  • Dr Fixit terrace water proof cum cool coating

    Dual Benefits- Provide energy saving & water proofing

    Seamless coating that is foot trafficable.

    High Tensile strength & elongation at 450% 

    Green Label Certified Product.All Weather & UV resistant.

  • Terrace cool tiles

    KAG has now introduced terrace cool roofing tiles with excellent quality, anti skid texture, ceramic finish for long durabilty. For Permanent asethetics,heat resistance, easy maintenance KAG roofing tiles is the best solution.

Our Services

Dr Fixit Contractors in chennai

ABS Water Proofing services is Dealer cum applicator for Dr Fixit and Fosroc Construction chemicals. Dr Fixit and Fosroc priortised us as Best Water Proofing Contractors In Chennai.

We are Specialised in:

  • Terrace water proofing for old and New building
  • Terrace Cool Coating
  • Terrace Cool Tiles
  • Complete structural water proofing including, tank, sump, terrace, sunken toilets, Utility areas, Swimming pools, balcony, STP, etc..,


Fosroc Products

We are authorised dealer for Fosroc Construction chemicals and we stock all Fast moving products of Fosroc. Fosroc Brush bond, Nitobond SBR, Nito Bond SBR, Nito Bond SBR Latex, Conplast WL, Lokfix, CEEBEX 100, Rendroc Plug, Conbextra GP2, Nito Bond EP ETC.., are readily available at all times. Products apart from these products, we can arrange the products in 24 hrs 

Dr Fixit Price List 2016

Dr Fixit Price List 2016


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